We create deep, emotional and engaging content to help our clients accelerate social impact and engagement.

As storytellers and social activists, we seek to empower human resilience through the stories we tell. We believe the power of social impact storytelling can inspire audiences to give, get involved and take action.

Our values

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Why are we KIN Media? Kin refers to family or relations in a familiar and comfortable way. It’s this closeness and familiarity that drives our approach in impact storytelling. Our core belief in unity and human connection is the central thread through all of our work – how it affects communities and beneficiaries and the wider goal of driving social change.
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We honor the people in our stories we tell as we would our own family. We respect the distinctiveness of different cultures as we amplify and empower — not exploit — their experience and their stories.
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We are committed to our clients’ mission and growth. As story keepers, we value journeying with our clients over the years as their company or programs evolve and expand. Our long term clients trust that we will always put their core mission at the center of our projects and continue creating fresh new concepts for social impact storytelling needs.


Our Team and partners

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Brittany Buongiorno

FOUNDER • Creative Director • prodUcer
Brittany Buongiorno is an award-winning photographer, producer, filmmaker and the founder of KIN. Her commitment to social impact and over a decade of experience as a freelance visual artist gave birth to KIN. As a triumph capturer, compassionate activist and resilience builder, Brittany seeks to inspire hope, healing and unity in communities across the world. Brittany holds a BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts, an AS in Small Business Management from College of the Canyons, and is currently a student in the Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania. She received the Reportage by Getty Images Award for Emerging Talent and was nominated for the Tierney Fellowship Grant. Brittany is also the co-host of CrossStreets, a podcast about race, culture and soul-care. 
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Erin Griffin

Erin Griffin is a documentary filmmaker, who specializes in directing and producing social justice films.
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Tryson John

Tryson John is an experiential producer who is passionate about leveraging experiential activations, events, and technology to help brands tell their stories and develop lasting connections with their audiences.
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Ricky Norris is a filmmaker whose work is all about the care of culture and the humans that inhabit it. Ricky’s heart is to listen to the stories that people share, contemplate their journeys, and find where hope breaks through the realities of our world.

Ricky Norris

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Jonathan Cortizo

Jon Cortizo specializes in directing, shooting and editing branded content for publications and brands.
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Emily Dolson

Emily Dolson helps brands visually communicate their mission and values through design. With a passion for social justice and environmentalism, she enjoys working with others who share a vision of a better society and planet.
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Rahsaan Graham

Rahsaan is passionate about optimizing potential for impact by bridging the nonprofit, for-profit and public networks. He has vast experience in strategic planning and new business development, external relations, program design, partnership development, fund development and CSR strategy design and implementation.
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