Amplified 2021 Virtual Gala

for Nomi Network

Celebrating the power of women in the workforce

Nomi Network combats human trafficking by creating pathways to safe employment, empowering women and girls to break cycles of slavery in their families and communities. Women and girls make up 71% of human trafficking victims. That’s an entire generation who will continue to live at a higher risk of exploitation.

During the height of the Covid pandemic, organizations like Nomi Network embraced the hybrid fundraising model by hosting event in-person events as well as virtual.

For their Fall 2021 Gala, Nomi Network partnered with KIN to produce the entire virtual event and all digital content for the in-person multi-city events. Over the course of several months, we worked with the Nomi Network US team and international team to produce three short films as well as several speaker and honoree segments filmed across the US. The films premiered online and in-person at Nomi Network’s Gala hosted in Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City on the same night. The event raised awareness about Nomi Network’s programs and helped raise over $600,000+ in funding.
Amplified: Nomi Network 2021 Hybrid Gala

Reema’s Story, an animated film featured at the event, tells the story of a Nomi Network trainee from Odisha, India.

Reema animation storyboard
FILM: Reema's story
FILM: women in the workforce
FILM: Nomi Network Dallas
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