10 Years of AHOB

for A House On Beekman’s 2022 Virtual Fundraising Benefit

A passion for renewal in the South Bronx

A House on Beekman (AHOB) exists to help close the opportunity gap for children in the South Bronx. AHOB believe that a child’s zip code should never limit his or her ability to dream about the future.

To commemorate their 10 year anniversary, AHOB partnered with KIN to produce their 2022 Virtual Fundraising Benefit including two short films and several speaker segments from staff and community members.

As the virtual event production team, KIN brought our expertise in social impact storytelling strategy to the table, dreaming and imagining how to showcase the impact of AHOB’s work for the last decade as well as set a vision for what the future of flourishing looks like for their youth. Together, we were able to tell AHOB’s story through a short documentary titled “Who We Are”  featuring AHOB’s senior staff, and “Flourish,” a short film featuring spoken word, dance, music performed by the AHOB youth, staff and community. The premiere of the benefit raised awareness about AHOB’s programs and helped raise $850,000+ in funding.
FILM: 10 years of AHOB

While all humans are born with equal potential for creativity, joy, and flourishing, the opportunities for individuals to realize their potential are unevenly distributed. A House on Beekman's programs seek to level the playing field by providing opportunities for children and families to build strong, healthy relationships, explore their passions, and receive high quality educational experiences.

FILM: When We Flourish

A House on Beekman offers programs that support children and youth through all stages of their development. This means that they are here for the long haul.

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