Restore Economic Empowerment Summit

for Restore NYC

Making freedom real for survivors of trafficking in the United States

Since 2009, Restore NYC has pioneered innovative housing and economic-empowerment solutions that give survivors access to a safe home and a safe job—the things that our data tell us make freedom real.

KIN partnered with Restore NYC to produce their entire virtual Economic Empowerment Summit. At the Summit, we invited thought leaders and professionals across sectors to come together to discuss the economic empowerment of trafficking survivors.

As the virtual event production team, we were tasked to develop the entire summit from start to completion, including social impact strategy and brainstorming, AV for the event itself, and production of all the event content. The event raised awareness about the need for inclusive leadership in the workplace, equity in entrepreneurship, closing the social capital gap, and a community approach to economic empowerment.

“Survivor Story” is a narrative based film featuring a survivor as she exits her trafficking situation and rebuilds her life for herself and her family.


"Why Economic Empowerment?" is an educational piece inspired by late night news featuring Restore’s Communications & Training Manager, as she educates us on why economic empowerment is crucial to anti-trafficking work.

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